A quick demonstration of my work. Enjoy!

About Me



My name is Milo Halperin, I have spent my whole life in Santa Cruz. through my work I incorporate the Santa Cruz Urban skate and surf culture along with the Santa Cruz fashion a revitalization of the 60’s style with a modern twist. What inspires me is a combination of pop art and comic books, what fascinates me most are the bold lines and contour of figures of silver age comic book illustration and how they define the face and body through subtle lines suggesting the three dimensional shape, in addition the palette used for pop art is is bright and flashy. Nothing I do is ever symmetrical, often one half has a human form and the other a theme, or images of chaos but in no way emotions of fear, but confusion or bliss. Common themes in my work are urban characters and environment mixed with city, flower, and ocean motifs. The reason I like to draw people is because to me they are much more interesting and a challenge to paint a subject we see everyday in the mirror and around us. In my process I use spray paint and stencils on glass in combination with photography to make my paintings. Because I paint the layers in reverse, with my most detailed layer first followed by secondary and primary color stencils, I don’t really see the final image until the very end.